Ethiopian Construction Project Management Institute

የኢትዮጵያ ኮንስትራክሽን ፕሮጀክት ማኔጅመንት ኢንስቲትዩት

Cultivating effective Construction Management Cultures
ውጤታማ የኮንስትራክሽን ማኔጅመንት ባህል ለማስፈን እንተጋለን!

Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR) Methods are very essential to a person working in the fields of construction and its management. Therefore, this training plans to cover Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Methods which includes Construction Disputes Settlement Methods, Direct Negotiation, Construction Disputes Mediation, Construction Disputes Conciliation, Judgmental Methods, Construction Adjudication and Construction Arbitration.


Construction Claims Management

Construction Claims Management are very essential to a person working in the fields of construction and its management. Therefore, this training plans to cover aspects of Construction Claims which include the concept of Construction Claims, Causes for Construction Claims, Types of Construction Claims, Claims Analysis, Requirements for Construction Claims, Construction Claims Management Process and Prevention of Construction Claims.


Value Engineering

The concept of Value is based on the relationship between satisfying needs and expectations and the resources required to achieve them. The aim of Value Management is to reconcile all stakeholders’ views and to achieve the best balance between satisfied needs and resources.


Construction Contract Administration

This training presents aspects of construction contract administration and it outlines the contract administration concepts, principles, standards, theories and practices commonly encountered while carrying out construction projects. It also discusses interrelated responsibilities, duties and authorities of contracting parties.


Planning for Construction Project Management

Planning for project management is done in each stages of a project life cycle and this training focuses on project planning for construction project management with a focus on the construction implementation stage. In this context, the training covers the decision for project planning, the input considerations in project planning, detailed discussion on project planning process and outputs of planning.


Leadership and Construction Company Management

This training presents a state-of-the-practice of Leadership in project management. The training specifically cover leadership: a definition, principles of leadership, Leadership Theories, Leadership styles; Leader versus Manager; Attributes of a Leader, Leadership competencies in the construction industry, Developing a project Vision: A Step-by-step Approach; Leadership and Team Building, Characteristics of effective teams; Leadership Ethics; Leadership and project strategy; considerations for creating a new organization.


Construction Procurement Management

This training presents standard practices used in construction procurement management. The basic principles in public procurement which are also applicable to construction contract procurement will also be discussed. In addition, the different methods used in construction contract procurement will be discussed.


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