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Cultivating effective Construction Management Cultures
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BIM Roadmap

The scope of adapting and implementing BIM into Ethiopian Construction Industry needs great attention heeding that the technology adoption is found at the infant stage. Cognizant of this, the institute has formulated a roadmap that defines a high-level plan of action so as to drive the industry-wide adoption of BIM in Ethiopia through the concerted efforts of the construction industry in a more organized and systematic approach.

The most effective roadmaps are developed based on input from each of the key stakeholder teams. This allows the organization to understand the objectives and needs of each area. Since the beginning of the road-mapping effort, more than five plenary sessions were held with themes focusing on Why the Ethiopian Construction Industry needs to switch to BIM? And how BIM can be adopted and implemented in Ethiopian Construction Industry? Whereby numerous participants representing relevant government institutions, higher learning institutions, professional associations, local and diaspora BIM practitioners, and postgraduate students researching on BIM have contributed essential inputs.

BIM is a Digital technology for holistically managing information related to construction projects, from planning to design, construction, and operations. Moreover, it is an enabler of Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) and agents of change that allow the lateral and longitudinal integration of disciplines, industry participants, and construction phases including design, fabrication, assembly, and delivery. IPD, on the other hand, brings the expertise of key actors from construction management, trades, fabrication, suppliers, and product manufacturers to owners and design professionals earlier in the design and delivery process. It leverages the power of modeling to facilitate collaborative decision-making.

In light of the aforementioned concepts and the targets defined therein; the road map attempts to address the introduction of Integrated Project Delivery as an Alternative Construction Projects Delivery Method in addition to the BIM adoption and implementation agenda.

It is believed that the roadmap will be highly instrumental and vital to: -

  1. To realize the targets set in Ethiopian Construction Industry Development Policy,
  2. Serve as a communication tool, a high-level document that helps articulate the strategic thinking — the why — behind both goal and the plan for getting there,
  3. Lend a framework, which can ensure that decisions concerning the future are taken in a systematic and purposeful way, and
  4. To inform the need to create and develop a national strategy for the adoption of BIM in ECI.


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