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የኢትዮጵያ ኮንስትራክሽን ፕሮጀክት ማኔጅመንት ኢንስቲትዩት

Cultivating effective Construction Management Cultures
ውጤታማ የኮንስትራክሽን ማኔጅመንት ባህል ለማስፈን እንተጋለን!

ECPMI conducted research on the effect of Covid-19 on the construction project

The research conducted by dividing the eight researcher teams throughout the region, which focus on the effect of Covid-19 and the availability of protective measures and equipment.

ECPMI, by assigning 8 researcher teams, conducted research on the effect of Covid-19 on construction projects. The research comprises 22 construction project which consists of 14 asphalt & concrete express-way road construction, one modern bridge construct, seven government-owned university, hospital, and banks.

The research has two objectives, the first objective take on the task of identifying the negative impact of the pandemic having on project implementation performance, and the second objective provide research recommendations for better project implementation by developing a project implementation strategy by devising a system that can inhibit the transmission of the virus during construction.

ECPMI has completed its preparations to publish the results of this study by compiling all studies and incorporating recommendations.   

  • November 19, 2020
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